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Carla Miller Art and Design

My Art: Focusing on the good things in life

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 I give 5% of any profit to Friends of Animals, a wonderful charity which works to make the lives of all animals on this planet better and happier.


Dogs of the world

Namaste woman meditating


Bad Girls


Woman diving


Unplugged under palm tree at the beach


Cats of the world


Woman in hammock seaside


Bad Kitty


Cloud hearts sitting in traffic

Tennis woman serving


Hitchhiking somewhere over the rainbow

Dog lover holding dog


Couple walking on beach shadow making heart


Cat lover holding cat


Couple in hammock


Woman on mountain bike with view

Woman lying on beach La Vita è Bella


Unparalleled person parking mini


Woman in lounge chair palm tree



I heart Dachshund weiner dogs

Yoga cat patting pose

Rock climbing woman



Three women shop till ya drop


Surfer girl life is beachin'


Golf woman tee off

Group therapy four women drinking wine