Carla Miller Art and Design

My Mission: Art exploring the good things in life

Thanks for visiting my gallery and store!  Have a look through my designs.  Click on one you like and browse through the products. I'm making t-shirts, wall prints, and lots more with my art. 

And when I sell anything in the store, I give 5% of the profit to Friends of Animals, a wonderful charity which works to make the lives of animals on this planet better and happier.

I hope you enjoy your time here!


Dogs of the world thumbnail


Bad Girls Bar Table thumbnail


Dive Girl thumbnail


Unplugged Girl under palm tree by beach


Cats of the World


Girl in Hammock by Beach


Bad Kitty


Hearts in the clouds car


Girl holding sign to somewhere over the rainbow


Couple Walking on the beach with heart shadow


Cat Lover Girl holding Cat


Couple on Hammock


Mountain Bike Girl overlooking valley



Woman in lounge chair under palm tree



Yoga Patting Cat




Life is Beachin